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  • Beauparlant Realty

    I am a Real Estate Broker for over 20 years.  I own and operate Beauparlant Realty, LLC.   I have listed and sold real estate in Gloucester, West Newbury, Lynn, Haverhill and Essex.   I have sold properties in short sales and post bankruptcy, saving client’s thousands in equity and value.  I have stopped foreclosures and proceeded to help client’s sell their homes and still make a profit.   I provide legal services in conjunction with Real Estate Broker services to provide maximum service in buying and selling real estate throughout Essex and Middlesex Counties.  We have helped people buy and sell real estate for decades and we can help you.

  • Personal Injury

    Serious personal injury law and wrongful death law involves claims of persons injured or killed as a result of an accident, failure to act, negligence, or the intentional act of another person. Commonly, such claims result from automobile accidents, slip and falls, wrongful death, work accidents, dog bites, and medical malpractice. If you have been injured in an accident, you may be entitled to recover your damages if your injury was the foreseeable and proximate result of another person’s negligence, or the breach of a duty of care that is owed to you.

    Ukiah Car Accidents – We have handled hundreds of car accident claims and get our clients the money they deserve for their injuries.

    again Dog Bites – Beauparlant Law Offices has represented many individuals bitten by dogs, and ensured our clients received compensation for their scarring and injuries.

    Wodonga Premises Liability – If you are injured on somebody’s property because of their negligence we can help you. Ted Beauparlant has been doing premises liability cases for more than two decades.

  • Bankruptcy

    Since the bankruptcy code was overhauled in October of 2005, Beauparlant Law Offices has kept on top of all the changes in the law, all the changes in technology, and has one of the most effective bankruptcy practices in the state of Massachusetts. We handle chapter 7 and chapter 13 for individuals. We can help you stop foreclosures and keep your house. We can help you discharge credit card debt. We can help you through credit counseling. Our bankruptcy practice has grown tremendously over the past two decades, and as a result, we offer the best in bankruptcy legal services.

    New Law – We are familiar with all new requirements of the bankruptcy code and are annually one of the top bankruptcy firms in Essex County.

    Credit Counseling – Ted Beauparlant will ensure you get the right agency to provide you with debt counseling and education before and after you file your petition.

    Credit Reports – We will help you run your credit report and gather all the information you need to file your petition properly.

  • Criminal Defense

    If the State or Federal government is trying to convict you of a crime, you may be facing substantial fines, restitution, and even prison time. You must aggressively defend yourself against such charges. It is important to establish your defense immediately upon learning of the charges. When your future and freedom are at stake, you should have a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorney advising and representing you as early in the process as possible.

    Motor Vehicle Cases & Other Misdemeanors – Including allegations such as motor vehicle offenses (including DUI & vehicular homicide), shoplifting, stalking cases, Show Cause Hearings before Clerk-Magistrates & Juvenile Delinquency hearings.

    Violent Major Crime Cases – Including allegations of murder, rape, kidnapping, armed robbery, armed house invasion, & burglary.

    Sexual Assault / Sexual Misconduct – Allegations of rape, indecent assault & battery, child molestation, open, gross, & lewd conduct, exhibitionism, and indecent exposure.

    Abuse / DSS Cases – Allegations of abuse of children, adults, or of the mentally/emotionally impaired or retarded, including charges of rape and indecent assault & battery/representation before all the courts as well as the Department of Social Services (DSS) and related social service agencies.

    Drug Cases – Allegations of possession, sale & trafficking of drugs, along with related forfeiture of property & money laundering all.

    Domestic Restraining Orders & Divorce – Including Complex Divorce, custody disputes, asset division, domestic abuse & violence charges, and stalking cases.

    Computer Crimes & Cyberspace Cases – Including allegations of misconduct on the Internet and World-Wide Web, allegations of downloading pornography, solicitation of minors, hacking/cracking, Internet stalking cases, and allegations of online fraud.

  • Divorce

    Beauparlant Law Offices has been trying and winning divorce cases for seventeen years. There are times when custody of children are at stake and you need a first class trial attorney to fight the fight. There are times when significant amounts of money are at stake and that is when you need a real trial lawyer to be your divorce advocate and that is when you call Ted Beauparlant. We understand what it takes to win the most difficult of divorce actions and we will do everything that needs to be done so that you receive the marital assets you are entitled to and you protect the lives of your children.

    Financial Statements – We help you prepare all financial statements.

    Child Support – We are always there to ensure you receive the maximum support you are seeking or pay the minmum you are required.

    Health Insurance – This is a critical issue in any divorce action and Ted Beauparlant will make sure you are covered on health insurance by your spouse when the law requires.

    Distribution of Assets – Everyone wants what they are entitled to, and this is our job and we will do it without fail. You will get your fair share of the marital assets.

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